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Based on’s comparative odds rankings, Caesars offer the best odds on moneyline bets. If the odds of the two teams are close (e.g., -110 and +110, -120 and +120) that means the favorite doesn’t have a huge advantage over the underdog and the game is expected to be close. Sportsbook Wire writers make their picks and predictions for the money line, spread and total in every game on the NFL’s Week 11 slate. Wire-to-Wire – This is a wager that a team will lead at every quarter or for a specific number of quarters. Tout – A person who sells or gives away sports betting picks. This price is usually considered to be the fairest price on a wager.

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While recent games are no guarantee of what’s to come in the future, it’s a strong indicator of how things are going for the team overall. If one team is surging while the other is flailing, you’ve found an important variable to consider. Well, this is the time when you analyze how each team performs in these situations to determine if recent results at home or on the road will be relevant to an upcoming matchup. In the example below, there’s no value to betting on the Baltimore Ravens with the moneyline. Geoff Clark does a quick breakdown from a betting perspective of four games on the Bet Slippin’ Podcast for the NBA’s November 18 slate.

In our new example, the Patriots are informative post listed at -280, meaning you would need to risk $280 for a return of $100 on them. It follows that a winning bet on the Pats pays $100 (plus your initial investment of $280 back). This added risk is why betting the spread is usually more popular, especially on favorites. A college football money line wager means you’re simply picking a side. The betting term Against the Spread is tossed out the window for these types of wagers since the spread is no factor. That means they are the underdog and you win $145 for every $100 you bet.

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The team in the Underdog role has the plus (+) symbol next to the amount you would be able to win by wagering $100. Global odds include operators that operate outside of Nevada. These new operators to market have been known to provide incentives for bettors and that’s an advantage to players in those legal US States. Vigorish Explained – There is a misconception in sports betting that one only has to hit 50% of their bets to break even.

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The bets themselves are easy to comprehend, but to really understand a bet, you just need to understand the odds. Knowing the point spread and money line will allow you to do that. The odds and how odds apply to betting may vary slightly from sport-to-sport.

In each moneyline bet, there is a favorite and an underdog. The favorite is the team with a minus sign next to its odds, with their odds looking like a negative number. The underdog’s odds have a plus sign next to them, looking like a positive number. The favorite’s odds signify the amount a bettor needs to risk in order to win $100.

Winning long-term is as much about getting the best price and good value, as it is being on the right side. For example if two people bet on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl but John bet it one week before the Super Bowl at -130 and Joe waited until Sunday and got K.C. At -120, Joe is getting the better price and payout, percentage-wise. It’s not a long-term winning strategy to bet big on heavy favorites; after all, favorites lose all the time.

The NBA can be a bear due to “garbage time” and other factors that affect the Over/Under. The easiest way to factor the risk vs reward is in terms of $100. In the example above, the (-150) means that you’d need to risk $150 to win $100 on the Texas Rangers.

Individuals should review all pertinent online wagering law and policy in their jurisdiction before placing a bet. Using this site in violation of any local, state, provincial or federal law is prohibited. Puck Line, Run Line, and Goal Line bets are considered secondary to moneyline bets.