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Virtually all sportsbooks will offer you the option of combining your bets informative post in this way. Pick a 5-6 team underdog parlay with money line odds in the +110 through +160 range. Underdogs will pay much better than favorites, and the odds dramatically increase. Don’t go too crazy, putting 10 underdogs onto one parlay (unless you’ve recently spotted a unicorn).

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Or, take all the hard work out of it and use our Odds Calculator. Soccer parlay betting sites allow you to combine selections on two, three or many more markets. The more markets Flutter » Providing Global Sports Betting, Gaming & Entertainment you include in your soccer parlay, the harder it is to win – but the rewards will be greater when you do. Soccer parlay betting is taking the thing that you love and multiplying it. One game rolls into the next – or all kick-off at the same time – and the action rarely ceases.

Parlay System Basics

But you need to understand how to bet with The Oracle to achieve superior results. On a three-team parlay, most books pay 6 to 1, although it is possible to find some 6.5 to 1’s out there. I walked into a book recently and saw advertising everywhere that indicated their three-team parlays paid the best odds, “7 for 1.” I am not sure who they were trying to fool. In the former, the book gives you seven but keeps your initial wager. In the latter, the book gives six and your initial wager back.

For example, if you’re a golf betting fan you could start the year by placing a parlay bet on the four major golf championships. The PGA Championship in May and the US Open in June would be the second and third legs. Your one parlay bet could therefore give you up to four months of interest. The more legs you win, the longer your interest will be sustained. Given that sports betting is just as much about excitement and entertainment as potential profit, this is something that makes parlay betting extremely attractive.

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In comparison, every other major sport averaged a hold of roughly 5%. In other words, the house wins 30 cents on every dollar wagered on parlays. They only win 5 cents on every dollar wagered on individual sport bets. “Tons of big winners on Saturday, but this bettor takes the cake. He turned $60 into $80,000 with a 20-team college football parlay.” This Parlay bonus is usually some sort of percentage boost on a parlay when you hit a certain number of legs.

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Because there is less risk involved in a progressive parlay, the possible payout is reduced relative to traditional parlays. Create a betting account and get weekly free bets and a 50% bonus. To understand what a progressive parlay is, it’s important to first understand what a basic two-outcome parlay is. And luckily, our complete breakdown of parlays is available here. If you attempt a parlay according to the above example, after five hands you will be -1 unit. You should never wager the entire amount of your profits on a parlay, because sooner or later you will lose your entire stake and have to begin over again.

What The Data Says On Parlays

The first kind of parlay centers on the types of individual betting lines that you choose to put into your parlay. For example, taking the moneyline on several games, whether it be for the favorite or the underdog are options. A parlay doesn’t have to be all one type of betting line. For example, a parlay can be made on one game against the spread, and then another game taking the moneyline, with no spread involved.