50 Sports Betting Terms

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Lay – Betting against a certain outcome, usually peer-peer exchange betting. Heinz – A full cover bet on 6 selections consisting of 57 bets (15x double, 20xtreble, 15x 4-fold, 6x 5-fold and 1x 6-fold). Futures – Bets common in the US where prices are offered in advance of an event, similar to ante post. Extra Time – A period added on to the end of a game, match or event when the event is tied and an absolute winner is required. In knockout football a period of 30 minutes is added on to the end of a game if the game is tied after the normal 90 minutes. Back – Wager an amount of money on a contestant or an event, e.g. ‘backing Liverpool to win’.

A large quantity of money coming in on one option in a sports bet, prompting a line to move. A sports bettor that is considered to be informative post extremely knowledgeable about both sports and wagering on them. The act of taking a less favorable line against the spread in exchange for a higher potential profit.

Gambling Glossary: Sports Betting Slang And Terminology

Each way bets are a type of betting format that combines two bets in one. One part of the bet is for the win and the other part is to place. An each-way bet is settled as two bets and the place part is calculated at a fraction of the win odds. This betting term refers to selecting a number of different outcomes for one event in order to ensure the same amount of winnings if any of them win.

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The most common vig http://xn--e–3g4aoh4bzc6g.com/online-betting-and-odds-on-esports-and-sports-by-rivalry-3/ used for each side of a wager is -110. That means for every $11 wagered the bettor can win $10. The house makes its profit by attracting even money on both sides of a game thanks to the Vig.

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It doesnt make sense for a small bettor to let that much profit goto risk on a single game, so in this case we will do a hedge bet to guarantee a profit. A Wagerpro rep may advise you to put $440 (to win $400) on the Jaguars -8 in that MNF game against the Jets. If the Jets end up covering the +8, you win your parlay ($1000 profit) minus the $440 hedge bet and still come out $560 ahead. If the Jaguars crush the Jets, you lose your $100 parlay investment but you make $400 on the hedge bet and still come out $300 ahead. Hedge bets are an important weapon to have at your disposal when the right situation comes up and Wagerpro will help you understand exactly when that time is. Common in horse racing, handicap races see horses carry different weights in order to encourage closer competition.

This is important when placing bets at a betting exchange. Both teams to score or BTTS is a betting market in which both teams must score at least one goal during a fixture. Arbitrage betting or ‘arbing’ is a process through which gamblers aim to make a profit by betting on all possible outcomes of an event, at different odds. An accumulator bet involves a combination of four or more single bets that combine to offer longer odds and potentially bigger winnings.

For instance, you can wager on the visitor team to have a lead at halftime and for the game to finish in a draw at the fulltime. Double chance is another variation on 1X2 meaning that you wager on two results in a game with three potential results. If you wager on 1X, then you win when a home win or a tie occurs.

That’s a good question – and the answer depends on the market that you are looking to bet on. Though still considered a grey area, since all online sportsbooks are located in offshore jurisdictions, they are not breaking laws. Criminal Code of Canada laws state that no one is allowed to operate an illegal online gambling service within Canada.

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Or you can take the Cowboys to win straight up at -170, betting $170 to win $100. The point spread is another form of betting odds that’s very similar to a moneyline bet. The difference is that in addition to predicting who will win the game, the point spread includes a margin of victory. In certain cases—such as in college basketball and college football—there is a huge discrepancy in talent between the two teams playing.