Top 250+ Windows Troubleshooting Interview Questions And Answers 02 November 2021

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Note also that you can click the link in the Action column to take additional steps, such as searching for a solution or viewing the technical details of a particular event. Figure 17-5 If you’re concerned about sensitive data leaking out as part of diagnostic reports, consider changing the Diagnostic And Usage Data setting from its default of Full. In previous versions, Windows was downright chatty about reporting crashes, successful updates, and minor speed bumps. In Windows 10, most of these problem reports are completely silent, but each report is logged. You can use the history of problem reports on a system to review events and to see whether any patterns demand additional troubleshooting. Figure 17-2 The troubleshooting report lists issues and indicates whether they were fixed. Click the Detection Details link to see more granular information about that item.

  • There can only be one recipe to be executed for a file.
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  • In the “Updates” screen, each individual update should have a “Hide” button on the leading side of its “Update” button.

Even if some commands seem to work on remote computers, the parameters you can use with those commands would be limited. Check the syntax of the Reg command if you want to confirm that it will work on a remote computer. In most of the Reg commands, the KeyName parameter is limited to HKLM and HKU on remote computers. ▪HKEY_USERS Contains information about all user profiles and the default profile on the computer.

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Hi Colony 14, Windows 10 has moved past 1709 and now have put out 1803, which seems to download and install fairly easy. Have you tried going straight to 1803 and skipping 1709? I had lots of problems with 1709, but the newest not so much. My Office 2013 doesn’t work but Microsoft won’t help because I don’t pay the monthly for 365, my Photoshop and countless other software or not working correctly. I read that others had problems if they tried to roll back the Fall update, too. I am not a techie person but the MS Windows Fall Creators ver.1709 update has left my laptop in a mess. I wish I had read this article before I said, Ok install.

In a large percentage of the windows, we do not have to remove the screens nor clean with soap nor Windex, saving a lot of time. Hosing off the windows and screens prevents getting a lot of dust on us and is healthier, as you breathe less dust . Outside windows are exposed to all manner of grease, dirt, pollutants, and other materials. For really dirty windows, start the cleaning process by using a garden hose to rinse away the top layer of grime from the windows and panes. If the registry key has space in its name, you can use double quotes as below. Reg command allows us to delete registry keys and registry values from command line. The syntax for the delete operation is explained below with examples.

So, if you want to remove the software completely from the system then you must also remove the registry file of the specific program. My favorite technique for recovering from mini-disasters is to export the registry key BEFORE I change any values. To do this, launch regedit then click on the File menu, Export, Selected Branch. Every other registry expert will tell you to backup the System State before you begin.

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The native Windows software uninstaller is considerably inferior to ZSoft Uninstaller for windows 10. ZSoft Uninstaller has an analysis option that you may use to trace which files are being added to your system during the first installation of wow64.dll was not found programs. This would be a fantastic feature to verify that the uninstaller is capable of completely removing the program. However, there is no method to organize or filter the list of installed software, and it also does not show extra information such as the date of installation, publisher, or size. There is a range of options in this software that delete sensitive files permanently and optimize your PC. It is a very fast tool that allows deleting dozens of files within a single click. With the help of this uninstaller, it becomes easy to remove unnecessary files from windows 10 8, and 7.

This does not locate files, handles, dll or anything. I’m simply tring to find out what file is being used by what mysterious process – and this cannot locate it. This is probably a bit late for you, but saw your question about how to determine what files are open on a network server, so that you can shutdown without files still open. I’ve had this issue too, and just discovered how to solve it… at least in WIN98. On the server you can, in a command shell, type “NET FILE” to see what’s open. Each will have a number, and then you can “NET FILE id /CLOSE” where id is that number, to force the file closed.