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For example, if you are a professional video editor you will need at least 16 GB of memory to do the work. On the other hand, if you are a college get student even 8GB of RAM would be enough. For connecting the second monitor, repeat the same process and everything will be done. But what if you have only one HDMI or VGA port, then you can use adapters which are discussed in detail. Check the box that says “Make this my main display.” The other monitor will automatically become the secondary display. In other cases it appears that the USB-C port is not capable of video output at all.

Video: Wacom Intuos Draw Unboxing Ctl

I never could have done this by myself without this thorough breakdown of all the possible solutions. And each time one solution worked, it WOULD NOT work a second time.

What Is The Maximum Number Of Monitors That Can Be Attached To A Single Laptop?

This indicates that the driver is either Driversol out-dated or corrupted. Sometimes out-dated drivers may cause such kind of spiteful issues and therefore, you should update them to fix the problem. I had the other VMWare serial & USB hook previously disabled, as I just don’t want them at all on my setup. The big upshot is that after rebooting out of safe mode, I’m now up and running on Windows build 1903. Naturally the QR code is useless as it doesn’t specify any stop codes, and the minidump… Well that requires gigabytes and gigabytes of crap to download to get a tool to read it. (I still haven’t finished that rabbit hole, like COME ON! why isn’t it included?!). After tests are completed, you just need to follow the instructions to resolve WDF_VIOLATION error.

Talking of iPhone or any other iOS device, users mostly seem to feel comfortable hanging around in Safari browser. Since the browser is very precisely integrated with the iOS operating system of the iPhone, it gives you the most pleasant experience ever. Yet there are many users who still like to use the Google Chrome browser for regular browsing or day-to-day internet usage. In fact, when I first shifted to iPhone from Android, I used to prefer the Chrome browser since it looked familiar. By optimizing your code , you can dramatically increase your page speed.