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If the Dolphins keep the game within seven and lose 23-17, the Dolphins (+6.5) would win, and the payout would be the same as listed above. Each week, TheLines will provide a betting breakdown and analysis for the upcoming Thursday Night Football game. We’ll look at the TNF betting odds and see why they’re moving a certain way, along with breaking down the matchup and providing the week’s best prop bets. With the NFL, there are also options that are called “Derivative Betting”.

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Sportsbooks apply the spread concept to way more than just the final score. France -2.5 corner kicks vs. Germany, Chiefs total touchdowns -1.5 vs. the Cowboys. The ATS column also provides you with a quick glance of which team won the game and how many total runs were scored in each matchup, designating an Over or Under result for total bettors. Since starting pitchers are key factors when determining the betting odds, those names are listed right next to the teams. The last name of each Pitcher is listed along with their first initial of their first name.

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Bettors should be scanning daily matchups to see if there’s an odds disparity from previous games as these numbers will move once the market has a chance to react. One of the most popular ways to bet on sports is the moneyline. This common betting option is used by new, recreational and experienced bettors and it’s one of the simplest ways to make a sports bet because you’re wagering only on which team will win or lose. The money line bet is the simplest form of betting in the industry.

Look for their expert opinions throughout the week, especially on weekends, when the bigger stakes races are held. Here’s the information you need to know before placing your wagers for Game 5, with all informative post odds courtesy of SI Sportsbook. Yes, five games is EXACTLY what baseball fans needed from this potentially epic National League Division Series. The Los Angeles Rams defeated the San Francisco 49ers in Week 3 of the 2017 campaign in the highest-scoring TNF game of all time.

Sometimes oddsmakers may learn of some insider information ahead of everyone else and adjust the line accordingly. Lastly, some oddsmakers will see that their sharp bettors are hitting a particular side and adjust. While the moneyline may move one way or another it’ll be difficult to know which reason the line is moving in any particular scenario. Betting on a futures bet like NBA Finals Champion can be done virtually year-round.

In both cases, the home team is not covering the -1.5 run line. You’ll see the favorite listed at -1.5 and a +1.5 next to the underdog. In practical terms an even match has lines of -110/+110 with the 10% representing the casino’s commission. They build a certain confidence that can help them find that important late goal or a big save to keep them in it. Each team’s home/road winning percentages over the current and previous season. That equates to $66.67 in order to win $100 profit on a St. Louis victory.

It would be giving away free money if sportsbooks allowed near even money bets on Alabama or Manchester City in those circumstances. Exactly how much of a favorite they are is where moneyline bets get interesting. A +200 price in money line betting means that the team with those odds is considered the underdog in that game. At that line, a $100 bet on the team with those odds would yield winnings of $200 if that side was victorious.

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A bet on the moneyline will be returned if a game ends tied. Generally speaking, the moneyline is a pretty good option for bettors. They are an intuitive and easy way to understand the market for novices. Betting doesn’t get any easier to understand than that. Moneylines begin when a market-setting sportsbook opens a line. Some basic Googling can tell you whether or not a book sets markets.

If you have a tie in a three-game parlay, for example, then the whole parlay will just change into a two-team parlay. Other books, though, will treat a tie as a loss in a parlay. That means, then, that the spread you are betting it is actually a half point worse than the one it says you are betting. If you aren’t aware of this then it can be surprising – and costly. I’m sure all you all know what a tie is in sports – when two teams or individuals finish a game with the same number of points, and there is no winner. Mercifully, it is pretty tough for ties to happen in most sports.